EU Blue Card Guide

EU Blue Card Guide is a platform to help people for achieving EU Blue Card. As Blue Card holders, we collected the most important tips & tricks on this EU Blue Card Guide Beside that, when you sign-up and filled your profile, we can advise you which country and which way to hold an EU Blue Card as fast as possible.

How CV Check-up works?

First of all, your profile is very important. You should fill all of the information about your job experiences, education, training and personal qualifications. Your profile gives us a chance to consider your situation better. And then your CV is very important. We know what EU Employers want to see. So when you filled your profile and uploaded your CV, then we can give you advises according to your qualifications.

EU Blue Card

What Guide Provides?

When you keep your profile updated with 100% Eligibility score (it means filling your profile and uploading CV), our team will check them. When you have read our guide, you will already know everything about EU Blue Card. These guide was prepared with Blue Card holder team's experiences.

What CV Check-up provides?

After our team checked your profile and CV, we will send you an e-mail with our advises. First of all, we will give advises about your CV if needed. Then we will also give you advises about which Country you should focus on, when and how to find best and quick job.

EU Blue Card

Your profile security and Privacy

In the EU Blue Card Guide platform, your profile's security and your privacy are our main concerns. We store the profiles on secure servers and only HTTPS encrypted internet connections can communicate. Profiles can only be viewed by EU Blue Card Guide team. Search engines are not allowed to index and display any details of the profiles. EU Blue Card Guide never stores any financial data related to a person, such as credit card or we do not monitor your online behaviour.

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